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How to Mix and Match With T-shirts: the Basics

T-shirts are, by definition, a, “casual top, generally made of cotton, and having the shape of a T when spread out flat”[1]. Personally, I have a lot of T-shirts. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved T-shirts. When I was a kid, I wore a T-shirt and went to weddings in a T-shirt all the time but nobody complained because it looked cute. I don’t know if your memory is the same as mine, but, when I was young, I used to think that I would look good in a trendy outfit in concept but once I tried it on, I felt like I looked weird. That is why I feel like a T-shirt is the only item that can look good every time. It does not matter if you are a kid, a teenager, or an adult. You just need to know how to mix and match and then it can look good. In this article, I would love to share about how to match a T-shirt with any item and make it look good.

First, you have to find a top, a bottom, and shoes that you want to match. If you can find a T-shirt that is the same color as your bottom or a T-shirt that matches with your shoe color, then it is already 40 percent of your completed look.

Natip Fashion T Shirts Black Top Blue Jeans

The second task is to match the color of the accessories that you are going to wear with one of the items of your outfit. This includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, headbands, and more. If you do not have an accessory, a hair tie that matches one of your outfit items works well.

Natip Fashion T Shirts Green Top Jean Skirt

For your final item, we need to discuss your purse. If you could find the same color purse as one of your outfit items, that would be perfect. If not, you have to find a purse that is black in color or totally different from your outfit.

Natip Fashion T Shirts Black Top Jean Shorts

If you have a dress or skirt that you feel won’t match well with a T-shirt at all, perhaps you should think twice. Here is a trick. You wear a dress inside of the T-shirt and then tie the T-shirt at the waist, leaving the knot on the side or in the middle of the front of your waist (not in the back). If you are wearing a skirt, the trick is to tuck the T-shirt in but not completely tucked in. I would say 25 to 30 percent tucked in is a general rule of thumb. You can tuck it in to any side except for the back. Leave the rest of the T-shirt un-tucked and freely hanging down below your waist. This look has another benefit as well: it can make your waist look smaller and more defined.

Natip Fashion T Shirts Black Outfit

I have laid out a few tricks for the basics of matching a T-shirt with your outfit. In my next article, I will review some more in depth details to this look that can further refine your fashionable appearance. Check back soon for the update!



1. Definition of T-shirt in English by Lexico


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