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Interview With the Founders and the Face

We, the owners and founders of Natip Fashion, thought that it would be a good idea to post our first article by creating a personal interview with Bella Natip so that you would be able to get to know us more through this process. Throughout this interview, we will discuss various personal aspects of Bella Natip including her personal history, her background in fashion, and what makes Bella unique.

Nicholas at Half Dome staring into the abyss

With that being said, I’ll offer a quick introduction of myself as well. I am Nicholas Ewens and the second founder of Natip Fashion. I’m who you’d probably consider the nerd behind our operation and the guy that makes sure all of the gears are turning. I would be completely open to you getting to know me more but Bella is where the fashion and the inspiration lies. Due to this, I’ll be the interviewer in this article and Bella is the interviewee. With all of this being said and without further ado, let’s get this interview started.

Nicholas: So Bella, I think in starting this interview, I need to point out the fact that you have an accent that is rather unrecognizable. Would you mind telling our readers about your cultural background?

Bella: I am from Thailand. I grew up in a small town type city called Chiangmai in Northern Thailand. After I finished high school, I went to university in Bangkok.

Nicholas: Which university did you go to and what did you study at the university?

Bella: I went to Bangkok University and I studied Communication Art for Advertising.

Nicholas: Tell me about your experiences at your university.

Bella: In my major, I studied about how to create advertisements and also everything to do with what is going on in front of the camera. That is how I started to care more about my appearance.

Nicholas: How so?

Bella in modern grunge outfit with a sexy pose arm extended

Bella: At first, I needed to work with my classmates for university projects and I often had to be the main character. Most of the main characters needed to focus on styling: outfits, dress appearance, and anything else to do with my looks.

During my studies, I had an opportunity to work with fashion companies. When I first worked with them, I felt that it was me. Soon after, I wanted to be a fashionista. At this point, I started to dress however I wanted and I was always trying to look for new and interesting items to put on.

Nicholas: How did your world around you begin to evolve in relation to your newfound fashion consciousness?

Bella in a brown top in front of an artistic wall

Bella: I would often take pictures of myself to upload to Instagram. I got attention from people all around the world after doing so. They would most often give me complements and always ask me for fashion advice, asking things like, “how can I get that?”, or “Where do I get this?” or, “how do I look that way?”

This made me feel like I wanted to dress up every day and like I always had more confidence when I went out of my house.

Nicholas: What made you decide to move to the U.S.?

Bella: I wanted to study my English more and I love American culture.

Nicholas: Did you know anyone living her in the U.S. before you came?

Bella: Nope.

Nicholas: Wow, was that a hard thing to do; leaving your world behind for a completely new and unknown one with nobody there to help you?

Bella: No. For me, I love to explore the world. I would often go to visit other countries by myself before coming to the U.S.

Nicholas: What other countries would have you been to besides the U.S.?

Bella: Laos, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, and Vietnam.

Nicholas: Wow, that is all over Asia! Was it for vacation?

Bella: Mostly, yes.

Nicholas: What other reasons did you travel to those places for?

Bella: I went there for work as well. I was a model in Vietnam for a big international shoe company. In China, I had a chance to work with a magazine company in Shanghai. I also studied journalism in China and had the opportunity to work with Chinese cosmetic manufacturers for my cosmetic brand that I had back then.

Nicholas: Well your resume certainly isn’t boring in any way.

Bella: Yeah, if you say so.

Nicholas: What made you want to get into fashion in the U.S.?

Bella: I just saw an opportunity. Here there is a lot more than what I experienced in Asia and I just wanted to start a fashion company on my own.

Nicholas: What sort of fashion does Natip Fashion focus on?

Bella in a denim outfit posing against a white shack

Bella: Street style. It is not luxury wear but you can wear it and still look luxurious in every situation or any event.

Nicholas: So the brand is focused on versatility?

Bella: Yes, of course. For one of my items, I want someone to be able to wear it in different situations so they don’t need to spend more and buy more outfits. Also, you can mix and match our stuff with your wardrobe that you already own.

Nicholas: Mmm, tell me more.

Bella: For example, you could choose one dress to wear both to work and to wear out that night. I want to sell a purse that you can even use for hiking if you would like. That is the idea for my brand.

Nicholas: Well, as an owner in this company, I certainly like the sound of that idea. Okay, so enough about Natip Fashion at the moment, tell me about where you live now.

Bella: I live in Los Angeles with my family. I moved here in 2018 from San Francisco and New York City before that.

Nicholas: Wow, so you have hit up some of the biggest cities in the U.S.

Bella: Yes.

Bella in a brown top with a friendly smile and a white background

Nicholas: Do you enjoy living in Los Angeles?

Bella: I would say that Los Angeles is my favorite city in the world. It has everything: beaches, hiking, parties, shopping, fashion; everything that I love. I also love the weather here. It is not too cold; it’s not too hot; it’s perfect.

Nicholas: Tell me something interesting about yourself; something that people would be surprised to hear.

Bella: I can breed goldfish. When I was young, I wanted to get more goldfish but my mom did not allow me to buy any. I had to figure out a way to get more somehow from the ones I already had. So I started to learn from YouTube and tried it. It actually worked. The first time that I bred them, I got more than 200 goldfish and that is how I started my first career. I was a goldfish farmer.

Nicholas: ha ha ha, yes that is something very unique. I don’t think that I have ever known anyone else who has bred goldfish. So you were successful with it?

Bella: Yes, I would say very successful. A lot of kids in my neighborhood came to buy goldfish from me. I even had a promotion for them; buy 5 and get 1 free. That worked very well. That is how I felt like one day I could be a business woman and be successful at it.

Nicholas: Ha ha, well that is a really cool background about your entrepreneurial past.

This has been a wonderful interview. Even though I already knew all of this myself, ha ha, I hope that whomever is reading it can enjoy the content and enjoy getting to know Bella a bit more on a personal level. We look forward to getting to know our audience more too and producing fashionable articles for you. With that being said, have a wonderful week and we will be back shortly.


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